Boat tour and Snorkelling with Marine Biologist (3 hours, double immersion)

Are you looking for an exciting experience at sea but without using the cylinders? With our boat tour with snorkeling you can admire the seabed of the wonderful Sorrento coast accompanied by an expert marine biologist who will give you the secrets of the territory, the sea and the living beings that live there. Dive with us and enjoy an unforgettable day! This tour includes a double dive in 2 different points of the coast depending on the weather conditions.

Snorkeling Sorrento - Program:
At 08.15h a member of staff will meet you at the pre agreed location, and accompany you to our diving centre, located in the port of Massa Lubrense, for the start of what will be a truly memorable day. After a quick introduction with the team, and the days itinerary & all your equipment we will head out on the boat to discover the beauty of this area. On this tour you will be accompanied by an expert marine biologist who will be able to tell you all about this area and its amazing sea life. You will be enchanted by the beauty of our jagged coastline and all the sights you will see from the boat. Depending on daily weather and water conditions the staff will decide upon the best location for your snorkelling. If you like, our marine biologist can snorkel with you, so they can answer all your questions!

Bay of Ieranto
One of the most picturesque inlets in the whole of the coast, here in the shallow waters you can see a wide range of sea life. In a recent census they found there are around 260 different species in this area, with many of them inhabiting these waters regularly, and some occasional visitors including turtles, tuna & dolphins. You will get to experience incredible snorkelling conditions here – with caves located just a few metres below surface, rich with sponges and Stoney corals, Posidonia sea grass, fish, and molluscs. Waters full of myths and stories such as that of the Sirens, who as legend goes chose this area as their home.

Cala di Mitigliano
One of the most breath-taking bays on the coast, not least of all due to its panoramic view of Capri Island, here you can swim in its crystal-clear waters and admire the seabed from above. Here the Posidonia grows in abundance creating the perfect equilibrium for the marine ecosystem. Between the fronds and rhizomes of the Posidonia sea grasses live a myriad of organisms such as sea urchins, star fish and sea horses. Further along the rocky coastline there is a cave that is worth a visit.

With our guided snorkelling you can visit the marine life first-hand in this corner of paradise, truly a natural oasis, with some underwater scenery the best in the whole Mediterranean. This well-known underwater cave is colonised by Madrepora stoney corals, algae, Actinia Sea anemones, and porifera sponges, alongside numerous species of fish such as mullet, white breams, sea bass, and sea bream who are constantly on the move down here looking for food.

Li Galli
The three small islands that make up “Li Galli” are an absolute prime snorkelling area. They’ve always fascinated people and continue to surprise those who are passionate about snorkelling. This is whereas legend has it, that you were most likely to come across the Sirens, and potentially be left incapacitated by their singing. Nowadays we know that thanks to the currents here its easy to see shoals of all kinds all in search of their next meal. Among the most interesting are the saddled seabream and barracuda.

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  • Cancellation made with a notice of between 7 and 2 days (48 hours from Check-in time): refund of 50% of the amount paid for the reservation or attribution of a credit of 100% of this amount in the form of a diving voucher valid for the current calendar year.
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Services included

  • Pick up and drop off to Sorrento
  • Full diving equipment (diving suit, mask, flippers, and mouthpiece)
  • Professional Skipper
  • PADI certified diving instructor aboard
  • Marine Biologist
  • Double dive in 2 different points of the coast depending on the weather conditions
  • Water

Services not included


  • Difficulty level: Easy, suitable for chirldren and families
  • Excursion starts at 08:30am
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • All participants must be at least 8 years old to participate the excursion
  • You need to know how to swim
  • You must be in good health condition

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